About People for Equal Partnership in Mental Health-Nipissing “PEP”

What is PEP?

People for Equal Partnership in Mental Health Nipissing (PEP) is a not for profit, charitable organization offering peer support, self-help groups, social, educational and recreational activities to individuals with mental health and addiction. PEP is funded by the North East LHIN and has been offering these services in the Nipissing District for the past 26 ½ years.

We promote complete and full understanding of mental health issues in the community. The goals are to reduce isolation and stigma to increase accessibility, support reintegration and promote participation. PEP provides individuals with mental health concerns with information about the range of services and how to access of services available in the community. In collaboration with local and regional partners, PEP provides opportunities for personal development and ensures our members’ voices are heard by those who influence change. We are networking with other groups and organizations in the community to work together to bring the best possible support to the individuals with mental health concerns. PEP offers a variety of programs, peer support, life skills, educational, awareness, social and recreational programs.  Outreach to hospital, boarding homes, Home for Special Care and visits to the local correctional facility. Monthly calendar of events are published on PEP’s Facebook page. High-speed internet and telephone is available for members to use.

Age required for membership is 16 years and up. There is no appointment required to see a peer support worker.

PEP provides student placements from various educational institutions.  Student placements would benefit if, for example, they were from these programs: Mental Health & Addiction Worker, Social Service Worker, Indigenous Wellness & Addictions Prevention Program, Recreation & Leisure Services, Addiction and Mental Health Program. Employment and placements from YES Employment, Ontario Works and Co-Op program from Ontario Secondary Schools are welcome.


People for Equal Partnership in Mental Health (PEP) recognizes the innate dignity and worth of each person. This belief directs our efforts to assist people who have experienced wellness barriers including mental illness, addictions and physical disabilities.


People for Equal Partnership in Mental Health (PEP) strives to encourage and engage individuals by providing them with the tools to succeed. In so doing, we nurture hope in people and openness/acceptance within the general public.

Board of Directors

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones
  • Ken Porter
    Ken Porter
  • Niamh Gallardi
    Niamh Gallardi
  • George Hughie
    George Hughie
  • Amanda Nicholas
    Amanda Nicholas
  • Stuart Bailey
    Stuart Bailey
  • Joe Robidoux
    Joe Robidoux