PEP – Survey 2017 / 18

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding this survey.

1. Are you currently a member of PEP?

2. Are you satisfied with the programs offered at PEP?

3. Do you feel PEP staff are friendly, supportive and helpful?

4. What activities/programs interest you the most that are currently being offered?
(Please Check all that interests you)

Peer SupportDepression GroupMind Over MoodEducational WorkshopsSunshine GroupSelf-CareFitness Group/Healthy Living/CookingReading with CareyArt TherapyAnxiety Support GroupBi-Polar Support GroupMovie NightJammingAddiction ProgramsSocial Activities/PEP Social/PEP TalkSaturday's Programs/Bingo/BirthdayOutreach/Community Engagement ProgramWellness Group